RealFlow Review

RealFlow is a sophisticated software that simulate particle flow. It is widely applied in the industry. Many famous movies use this software to create stunning and impressive particle special effects such as The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. In my opinion, this is a great software and it features the following advantages.

1. Easy integration and high compatibility with other popular software

RealFlow is highly integrable with other CG software such as 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, etc. Taking 3ds Max as an example, as I am a 3ds Max user, it is quite easy for me to export particle mesh animation to 3ds Max from RealFlow. It can be done by creating a Mesh Loader in 3ds Max. Besides, you could import 3D models into RealFlow easily. It supports many formats such as .3DS and .FBX. Those imported objects are used for particle simulations, for example, pouring water into a cup.

2. Highly customizable for simulating realistic particle flow

There are two important steps when simulating particle flow in RealFlow. Firstly, you could tweak the settings of the particle emitters. It determines the attributes of those particles emitted such as the speed, viscosity, density, etc. The second step is building mesh out of the particle simulation. There are some essential settings such as Filter which contributes to reality of the fluid largely. The above settings enable users to create the types of fluid that they want intuitively.

3. Intuitive to create simulation environment

You could add gravity and many other daemons to the environment easily. Unlike 3ds Max, you do not need to do "Bind to Space Warp" for each object for simulations. Once a daemon is added to the scene, it will affects all the particles automatically without manual "binding".

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